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Jupyter Surveys


This repository contains datasets and surveys collected by Project Jupyter and IPython.

Adding data to this repository

To add a dataset to this repository, please create a subdirectory with the syntax YYYY-MM-short-description under the relevant top-level directory. For example, if it is survey data, create the folder under the surveys top-level directory. In that directory, please create a new file with a short description of the data, including:

  • The date(s) it was collected
  • Who collected the data
  • What the population was (if human data), where the code can be found (if simulated data), or other relevant information about the source of the data

You may also wish to provide information about how to cite the dataset, such as a DOI. If you do not have a DOI, you can obtain one by uploading the dataset to a service such as Zenodo.

Jupyter user surveys

Materials for and results from Jupyter user surveys.

IPython user surveys

Materials for and results from IPython user surveys.

We ran IPython user surveys in 2011 and 2013 and the results are included in this repo. The writeups are also on the IPython website:


The default license of all data in this repository is CC0. If a dataset uses a different license, it should be included it in the subdirectory for the dataset. Any subdirectory licenses take precedence over the repository license.