minio-service /

Minio Init/Service Scripts

This project provides init/service scripts for using Minio on various Linux and BSD distributions.

Getting Help

Please reach to us at if you need help in configuring. Please open a github issue on Minio server for bugs, enhancements etc on this project.


The files distributed here should adhere to these principles where relevant (adjust accordingly for each system/platform):

  • Don't run as root.
  • Create a no-shell default user to run it.
  • Raise file descriptor limits.
  • Don't restart endlessly; if Minio fails to start, there's a reason -- fix it, don't hammer it.
  • Allow Minio to re-use the same, persistent folder for your configs.
  • Stay as simple and minimal as possible.
  • Be idempotent.
  • Use comments to explain unexpected or unusual lines/patterns.